Analysis of Danny Hansford

In Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt, Danny Hansford is described as a “nameless presence” (Berendt 128), someone who is well known in the tiny secluded town of Savannah, but also does not need to make a large scene to make his presence known.

Corinne, an art student who lived in the top floor of a townhouse in Savannah stated that Danny is a “walking streak of sex” (Berendt 129) and that she was attracted to his immense sex appeal. Danny is known for giving off a laid back yet still aggressive vibe, with his cocky strut, muscular body, tousled blond hair, T-shirt that says ‘Fuck You’ and tattoos.

When Corinne hangs out with Danny, he shows her Jim William’s beautiful house. During the tour of the house, Danny states that everything in the house actually belongs to him – the expensive cars, jewelry, roulette table, guns, etc. Corinne, despite knowing that Danny is lying, plays along with his charade because she wants him in her pants.

The ruse that Danny plays with Corinne – and actually thinking he can get away with it – shows that deep down, Danny is actually insecure despite his “bad boy” exterior where he seems like he has little feelings about other people. However, on the inside Danny yearns for having material wealth like what his boss, Jim Williams, has. Therefore, despite his seemingly aloof personality, Danny Hansford is actually insecure.


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