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Gabriel Garcia Marquez

  • Colombian novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter, and journalist
  • wrote The Chronicle of a Death Foretold in 1981
  • popularized literary technique of magical realism
  • won 1982 Nobel Prize in Literature
Garcia Marquez. Source


Compare how Garcia Marquez has explored the themes of judgment and punishment and with what effect.

  • explores themes through Bayardo San Roman & Angela Vicario’s failed marriage
  • Pura punishes Angela when Pura finds out Bayardo returned her daughter after finding out she wasn’t a virgin
  • Angela’s brothers, Pablo and Pedro, vow to kill the man who took their sister’s virginity and disgraced their family to restore honor in their family
  • Vicario Family worried about judgement bestowed upon them with the failed engagement

Why did Garcia Marquez do this?

  • extreme measures of judgment and punishment create magical realism effect of novel
  • regular society wouldn’t have such consequences for having sex before marriage
  • Pablo and Pedro’s response of killing Santiago Nasar is also unwarranted


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